Maine Home + Design Interview
Richard Burt Architects, formerly John Weinrich & Richard Burt Architects, was founded in 1992. From the beginning, our goal has been to provide our clients with personalized architectural and planning services of the highest quality. Over the years we have worked with numerous clients on a wide variety of projects ranging from a $28 million four-year phased renovation of the Maine State House to a $3 million high school expansion, to a $2 million conference center and dormitory complex.

By specific intent we established ourselves as a small office of architectural professionals. To this day, we continue to find this structure allows us to do our best and most focused work. Our commitment to careful listening, thorough analysis, accurate problem definition, open client communication, and consensus building around appropriate architectural solutions is the most important contribution we can make as project team leaders.

The practice of architecture involves a number of steps from programming through administration of the construction contract. At each step of this process, principal Richard Burt remains fully involved, while the expertise of our experienced consultant specialists augments the team with their respective skills.

Due to this individual project focus, by necessity we undertake only a select few projects at any one time. We very much enjoy the luxury of greater, more in-depth project focus this affords, and our clients benefit from the continuity of personnel and the high degree of experience we provide across all project phases, particularly when compared with larger architectural offices pursuing more projects with less experienced staff.

Richard Burt Architects is a fully CADD-capable office and, in concert with the specialized expertise of professional engineering consultants, provides full architectural and engineering services.

Within this context, it is our firm belief and the premise of our practice that our small office setting best serves our clients through the individual commitment and direct involvement we are able to provide in all aspects of the design and construction process.Not coincidentally, this personalized practice of architecture provides for greater accountability, increased project focus, and more satisfaction and enjoyment for our clients and for us throughout the process.

Under this basic structure, we have completed projects ranging from small renovations to projects in excess of 28 million dollars. It has been our experiences that our team approach and extensive expertise, when combined with an active and engaged building committee, leads to efficiently run and successfully completed projects.